Monday, September 6, 2010

First Blog from Germany!

That's really about all I can say about my experience in Germany so far.
One word.

First, I appologize for the randomness of these thoughts, I only write them as they come to me.

God is awsome, to say the least. Herrnhut is such a beautiful place, I have a hard time finding words to describe the beauty of this awsome, breath-taking, magnificent place.
The community I am surrounded by shocks me still; everyone is working together to better not themselves, but the community. Our dishwasher was broken, so dishes had to be done by hand, so what happened? Five students washed the dishes of 120+ students and 50+ staff without even being asked. They took initiative, and I've seen that more here in Herrnhut in 5 days then I saw in the states in years of my life.

Sad, right?


So what can be done?

What can we do to change our attitudes?

What can we do to teach ourselves that we are NOT the center of the universe?

I got a glimpse of the answer as I slept in a cardboard box outside under the stars on Saturday night.
The Base Leader, Jon, a very nice German man and a devoted Christian man, told us about a place in Etheopia called Garbage city. A simply horrible place that I won't go to describe in this post, but another.
The goal of sleeping in a box to raise questions like the ones that came into my head.

"Would I be willing to step out of my comfort zone to help those in need?"

"Would I sleep in a cardboard box in a 10 acre dump to teach young boys with bleak looking futures that God loves them?"

"Will I deny myself and allow God to move in on my person %100?"

Will you do the same?

Will you allow God to step in and run the show?

Will you step out to teach people that God loves them?

Personally, I don't believe that any of you can do it if you still have your hand on the steering wheel of your life. Control must be surrendered to God first and foremost.

That's all for now.

Joe Laurvick

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